Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Around the House" Recent projects

Now that I finally have a moment to myself (sigh) without a toddler crawling ALL over me or a baby needing me, I thought I would show you a few projects I've done around the house.

You've seen these around I'm sure, I made this bow holder for baby B's room with a frame and odds and ends i had crammed in my craft closet (cant beat a free project) I love how it turned out, its decorative yet still functional. Now I need to make some more bows to add to it.

These are from baby B's room as well. The wall above her changing table was screaming for SOMETHING! To keep it cheap I bought these embroidery hoops for roughly $4, painted the hoops red and used some cute Damask fabric I already had on hand. Easy peasy!

We moved into our home a year ago now. The hallway bathroom was super blah and needed a face lift. Again I wanted to fix the eye sore but needed to do it on a budget. I painted the cabinet and added new hardware, bought fabric on sale to made the shower curtain, bought new toilet paper and towel holder in a package from Walmart (super cheap). The more expensive items that we purchased were the new light fixture and faucet, WELL WORTH the money. There was plain ugly linoleum flooring so we bought the stick on tiles and installed (stuck) the flooring.

I wish i had taken a before picture but sadly i didnt. I am very happy with how it turned out. :)

This wall piece was inspired by a friends PB wall hanging. I couldnt afford to buy one so I made my own. I used a 1x4, painted the sides black, applied embossed wall paper and painted that as well. I had these neat door knob/hooks i had bought a yr before and screwed them into the wood. The pictures are actually hanging on nails and the ribbon is attached to the frames then tied over the hooks. I was worried that the weight of the pictures would be too much so I went with the nail idea instead. :)

Its my favorite piece in the house and I always receive lots of complements.

I found this picture project on a recent blog post I follow. Here is the tutorial I followed.I hope you enjoyed!

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