Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I am in FULL sewing mode right now. Which is my HAPPY place!!!!
I have a bunch of projects I've got piling up, so this week i decided to get them DONE so i can move on to the projects i'm itching to start.

1. Drapes (headboard project), check

2. Changing table cover, check

3. Stroller/messenger bag, check

4. Coffee cozy's, check

5. Pillows see HERE

6. Fabric Baby Blocks

7. Baby Bibs

8. 4 x Car seat cover orders to full fill :)

and the list continues .............

I cant wait to snap some pictures of the finished projects.........

Stay tuned !!!


  1. Wow, you are busy; I can't believe you have so much time with two little ones! You are amazing!! I love seeing your little projects.

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