Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ITS FINISHED !!!! Faux headboard before & after

I'm thrilled to finally be able to post BEFORE and AFTER pics of our Master Bedroom faux headboard. We are not able to afford a "bed" (headboard/footboard) right now and I could not stand how boring our room was so i winged it! Ive been working on this project since January.... PHEW, I hope you like it cause i sure do!!!

Here are the before, after and progress pictures of the project.



I love how i have laundry in several of these pics :)
Laundry unfortunately consumes my life these days.

Found my AMAZING stencil here at


Im so happy with our room...... this is the first time Dan and I have had a true master bedroom, a retreat ...... sigh :)

P.S. The lights are too high, Im going to have my sweet hubby move them this weekend, he's thrilled HEHE!


  1. that looks soooooo awesome!!! you are so talented! I dont think the lights look to high!

  2. Love it Laine, I just barely started mine! What an inspiration! Weren't the stencils expensive?

  3. My friend Casey sent me here for inspiration, as I'm planning to stencil in my kitchen this weekend. :) Looks great! Way to go!